Bhakti Pravesha orientation

Hare Krishna devotees,

This is to inform all the devotees connected to ISKCON South Bengaluru congregation, there will be an Orientation program at 11:00 AM every Sunday, on the Bhakti Pravesh course that will commencing on 16th May 'Akshaya Tritiya'. This is organized by the Dept. of Educational Services. ISKCON South Bengaluru

Some unique features of this course are:

  • Suggested directly by HH Jayapataka Swami Maharaj to few devotees from our congregation in 2003.
  • Planned to be designed & conducted as per the guidelines given by GBC Ministry of Education's VTE (Vaishnava Training & Education board)
  • Mandatory pre-requisite for the Bhakti Shastri (planned to be started after the completion of Bhakti Pravesh) course that will be certified Internationally by VTE.
  • Contains confirmed stalwart visiting faculties like HH Bhanu Swami, HH Bhakti Vinod Swami, HH Bhakti-rasamrita Swami and so on.
  • Contains interesting assessment components like shloka memorization, open book exams, etc.
  • Features many special seminars that would enhance the knowledge of devotees from various perspectives, very helpful for all services.

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You also mail us at with Name, Age, Contact#Postal Adress, Choice of attending Program.

Your servants

Dept. of Educational Services.

ISKCON South Bengaluru

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